Nail Treatments made in britain

A new generation of nail treatments for natural nails.
Using cutting edge developments and formulations in nail care, our treatment bases are infused with cutting edge technologies found in cosmetic, skin care & hair care.

nail hq hardener


Collagen & Mineral Complex

Nail care treatment specifically formulated for thin and weak nails. The external reinforcement provided by this Mineral-enriched formula will help nails become tougher and more bend resistant.

This formula is designed to help toughen and protect the nail. It will help prevent nail brittleness and splitting to normalize and promote nail growth.

This product contains collagen & a unique mineral complex infused with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Aluminium and Manganese.

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nail hq strengthener


With Keratin Proteins

A unique dual-action nail care product with keratin & Multi-fruit complex of alpha hydroxy (lactic & glycolic) acids.

This intensive nail strengthening treatment will help even the weakest & softest nails become stronger.

The strengthening of the nails will promote nail growth by diminishing breakage.

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nail hq growth


With Biotin

With Pentavitin "Moisture Magnet" and a unique nail strengthening complex including Biotin.

These replenishing ingredients help provide the moisture balance necessary to have flexible nails and prevent brittleness & breakage.

This formula also contains a unique complex designed to help moisturize, condition & strengthen nails: Acqua-Biomin/Calcium Y3 Complex and Vitamins A&D as well as Nonychosine-E - to help normalize nail growth.

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